Your mother-in-law isn’t the wicked old witch you imagine her to be! Your spouse’s mother is as human as anyone can be and that means you both can breathe peacefully in a room without getting on each other’s nerves. All you need is understanding and a few relationship skills on getting close with your Mother-in-law.

Know her
Don’t just sit on the sofa answering her many questions with monosyllables, she’s trying to get to know you, yeah? Return the gesture by asking questions of your own, show sincere interest in getting to know your Mother-in-law better.

Come with gifts
Yes, you are trying to get her to cozy up with you and you should go ahead and give it your best shot. It would help also if you could get her things she really loves, more reason why you should set on a mission of knowing your Mother-in-law deeply.

Ask her for advice on real-life issues
Nothing makes her feel appreciated and valued than you actually getting comfortable enough to go to her for advice in life. Doing this tells her subconscious that you regard her as an integral part of you and your spouse’s life; anyone would look well on you favorably when they know their existence is valued.

Don’t bitch her son in her face
It doesn’t matter how well you and your mother-in-law are getting along, never make the mistake of nagging or talking badly about her son right in her presence. Your complaints might be valid however, that’s her son you’re badmouthing, and yeah, her mother-hen instincts would go on overdrive.


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