In the modern African world, people tend to regard being single as being unfortunate and miserable, this is so not true! Against popular beliefs, being single is not a disease or a curse that can only be lifted with a man’s presence!

Jokes on you, there are lots of instances where we have ladies that have been single for like forever, yet they are happy in their skin and living life! Why’s that?

1. They have me-time all the time
While their engaged counterparts tend to worry about not having enough time to themselves what with catering for the needs of their partner and their kids if any. Single people have all the time they need to shower love and attention on themselves and being in charge of their life.

If you’re an introvert, this is particularly relevant to you. Time alone is important for “restorative solitude”, according to psychologists. Restorative solitude allows us to regain our energy, check in with our feelings and understand our own meaning and purpose.

This is not to say that some couples don’t make time for solitude, but it can be more difficult when you have a family, or you have social obligations to attend to for two people.

2. No pressure
Because there’s no one in your life yet, you live by your own rules, do what makes you happy at your own leisure.
When you are in a relationship, suddenly every decision you make has to include or at least consider the other person. Being in a relationship means that you don’t make decisions on your own and if you do, it’s likely that your relationship isn’t going to last long anyway.

3. They focus on their career and interests
Call that selfish or whatever, but the truth remains that with no serious love relationship in their lives, these people can be free-spirited and focused enough to know what they want in life and career and go for it, no holds barred well it could also have a negative effect at a long run.

4. They don’t need other people’s validation
When you’ve been used to doing what suits your fancy for long and loving how that feels, you don’t seek approval from others before doing what makes you happy, most days you don’t care what others think about your tastes, choices or preferences too.

There is an unspoken assumption in relationships that decisions are to be made together and if you prefer to do this kind of thing on your own, you’re probably better off staying single. It’s a luxury that many couples don’t have and it’s okay to be happy about staying single so you can call the shots.

In conclusion, We live in a society that would prefer that we were attached to other human beings in relationships and adhering to the status quo. But the trend these days is that people are staying single longer, and not choosing to be in relationships. Yet, there is a lot of pressure to get hooked up with someone as soon as possible.

If you’ve tried being in a relationship and found it wasn’t for you, there’s no need to feel bad about that. You might just be better off single till you are ready to commit.

So whatever the case may be, always remember that your happiness lies in your hands.


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