Most of us would like to think the best of ourselves: that we are good and kind but look around honey, we don’t have angel wings and so there is no way we are that perfect.

This is why some of us have the tendency to be judgemental. However, before we go any further, let us find out what exactly it means to be judgemental.

Being judgemental is about being excessively critical of others and leaning towards a condemnatory outlook most of the time. If it is a balanced trait (i.e. you are able to be objective in your critical analysis and not infuse your personal bias) then, it is not a terrible trait.

The problem is when it is excessive. So, how do you know if you are being over the top with your judgemental trait?

1. You are always more focused on people’s flaws
When someone does something wrong, you just can’t get over it. Somehow, you keep going over it and focusing on all the person’s shortcomings even if the person has done something right before.

2. You always assume conclusions
You are quick to add the 1 plus 1 and often, you are not doing so with enough information. In the end, you have jumped to a conclusion, often a negative conclusion about a matter/person.

3. You have high standards for those around you
You always have certain expectations of others and if you asked them what they thought of these expectations, they will most definitely say that it is too high.

4. You see in black and white

You don’t believe in the greys in life. Everything is as simple as black and white to you, meaning that something/someone is either good or bad; you don’t accept any other explanations.

Beginning to sound like you? We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Let’s finish the article in the next installment and then we’ll see if it is truly you.

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