Burna Boy

The African Giant, Burna Boy has unfollowed everyone he previously followed on his Instagram account except the love of his life, Stefflon Don. The reason for which he did this is still unclear, as he would not say a word about it.

However, speculations have filled the air as to why he did such a thing. It can be recalled that Stefflon Don slowed down on the rate at which she shares pictures of her and Burna Boy on her Instagram account. Some time ago, Burna Boy had informed that he was leaving social media permanently and his handles will be managed by his team.

Along the line, a rumor of him hooking up with his ex-girlfriend rocked the airwaves and Stefflon Don slowed down with the way she shared Burna Boy’s pictures on her page. Her trust for him was a little cracked and she needed some sort of a reaffirmation of his love for her. Burna Boy couldn’t think of a way to do that than to follow only her on IG.

Therefore, he unfollowed everyone he previously followed except Stefflon Don. This will prove to the British rapper that her African Giant boyfriend is still very much in love with her and puts her first before everyone else. Nice move, Burna!

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