All of us want to be received from a positive light. We want others to judge us positively. But the moment we are not perceived right, we are greatly distressed. That is what we call social anxiety disorder—the fear of being judged and received negatively by others.

People who are socially anxious have the fear of being embarrassed in a social gathering and offending someone accidentally.  So many people experience this disorder in one way or the other.

What can help us to overcome this problem that causes so many to suffer emotionally?

Challenge your negative thoughts
It is true that one of the things that make it difficult to be less anxious in a social gathering is the negative thoughts we entertain. And it is very easy to entertain them without delay. Whatever negative thoughts you may have, no matter how overwhelming they may be, don’t give in and relax; challenge them.

Avoid unhelpful thoughts
Negative and unhelpful thoughts go hand-in-hand. Unhelpful thoughts, as the name implies, are those that will make your negative thoughts worse and detrimental at some point. They don’t help; avoid them.

Take the focus elsewhere
In a social gathering it is very easy to focus the whole attention on yourself; thus, convincing yourself that everyone is looking at and judging you without a word. But that is not true at all! On the other hand, you are easily attacked by fear and anxiety if you focus excessively on yourself—focusing too much on your racing heartbeat and cold hands. So, try as much as you can to focus on others or things around you.

Never avoid facing your fears
So many of us love to avoid situations that may cause anxiety. This seems to solve our problem. However, we will later realize that in the long run, nothing is even solved.

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