Lady's problems are real and there’s no getting used to them, not in a lifetime! For guys who think being a girl is easy as getting food into your mouth, you’ve got another rethink coming… for goodness’ sakes, do male folks have to worry about not getting your makeup right or having your periods out of the blue? Of course not! And that’s not all.

Here are some real-life painful problems every lady can relate to.

Your favorite bra poking your chest
It’s enough that your pushup bra stifles air movement in your boob area and can be a nuisance on a really bad day, but turning into a pain in the butt in a flash? That’s just wicked.

Having nothing to wear
Let’s not forget that there’s a closet full of clothes planted in the middle of our room, but we don’t just find something great to wear most of the time; like all the time! Is having the latest fashion piece in our closet, and dresses that actually make a statement, too much to ask?

Small boob’s problem
Be slim, it’s chic and trendy they said but obviously, someone forgot to mention the almost non-existent boobs part! Not having extra flesh hanging on your bod is all good until achieving a cleavage in a dress is close to being impossible even with push up bras. These are the issues!

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