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Relationships can be very epic. On the other, you can be knocked for six by it ALWAYS if you don’t choose the right person. What came to your mind when you saw the question above? NO or YES, or even MAYBE?

The concept of dating your best friend has been a controversial topic for so long a time. And most people even say that it doesn’t work. Nevertheless, we really want to see the reasons why dating a best friend is worth it.

1. You have known each other very well
Before he asked you or you asked him out, you both have heard a lot about your good, bad, and ugly sides and you are still pretty comfortable with him. It is extremely nice and healthy to come into a relationship where you both already know each other very well.

2. You already understand each other very well
You know your boundaries and your ways of thinking and doing things. Also, no one of you will feel embarrassed trying to express oneself. And because you have known each other better, you will always try to express your feelings.

3. You already know the family and friends
You no longer feel weird meeting his family and friends and vice versa. And you are thoroughly comfortable being with them even when he is not with you.

4. You have probably discussed the hardest topics
Money, your life with your ex are some of the hardest topics you could hardly discuss with someone who hasn't been a friend until now. But you are comfortable discussing these things with your best friend and guy.

5. The secrets are already on the table
because you have known each other for a very long time, secrets that you will usually not share with another person are already on the table. You have nothing to hide from each other. And this is one of the prettiest things ever.

6. You can always be yourself
It is true that at the beginning of a relationship, one of the parties, or even both, can be very anxious about how to impress the other person. You make sure that, during your first date, you don’t mess up. But the case is different from your friend who is now your significant other. You don’t need to worry at all about making the best moves to impress him because you both have hanged out severally.

7. He is always your number one supporter
Dating your best friend is pretty and nice. You don’t need to worry if he is going to support your new venture. He has been doing that and you are very much certain that he will again.

8. You have already developed trust in him
It takes a great amount of time to get to know someone. And trusting someone is one of the hardest things most people can’t do. They hardly trust. But since you have been friends for a long time, trust has really been built on concrete grounds. And this makes it possible for you to trust him even if situations may question your reason for doing so.

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