There have been many back and forth in the course of unraveling the real story behind the breakup of internationally known and talented twin brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye who together formed a music group known as ‘P’ Square.

With their elder brother, Jude Okoye as their manager, the group became more like a family business, it’s affairs were so well conducted such that P’Square remained an ever-shining musical body in the industry. But their personal lives somehow came in-between and tore them asunder. This outcome has been mostly blamed on Mr. P. and his wife, Lola.

But in his new video, “Too Late,” Mr. P portrays what could just be the real story behind their split. In the video, he tried to capture moments where his brothers, Jude and Paul would visit and Jude would outrightly disrespect Lola; however, without his (Mr. P) knowledge. Jude would further push him (Mr. P) into getting violent with his wife, Lola.

However, during a visit to Jude’s house one of those days, Mr. P realized that Jude, who makes him fallout with Lola, is usually as his wife’s beck and call like a little bingo. That revelation triggered a revolt on Mr. P’s path, hence the split.

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