Love is sweet! That is why most people will do anything to maintain their relationships.

In all honesty, independence is very crucial in a relationship. Being in a relationship is not a criterion for you to depend solely on the other party. Though not all, girls are known to be too dependent on their guys. I don’t think that is a relationship.

The girl shouldn’t forget the fact that the guy has many a responsibility to carry out and shouldn’t cause the guy to regret knowing her. Some time ago, someone said that those who are not in a relationship should always be grateful to God because of the stress they are completely free from.

Is it really important to be independent in a relationship? How important is it?

Honestly, how do you feel when someone doesn’t ask too much from you? Of course, you have a deep respect for that person. This is similar to a relationship. If you are independent of someone in a relationship, that guy is more likely to show you the respect you deserve. In fact, you are more respected than you think.

But, ladies are talked down on because they are too clingy. Without a doubt, that is why guys always ask for a breakup. African guys are not like other guys; they work so hard to get their money so they don’t expect that you ALWAYS should be clingy.

Another reason why you should be independent is by looking at the area of phone calls or messages. I have come to realize that no one ever wants to get disturbed by calls. If you call a guy every single hour, you are sending a signal that you can’t live without him—and this is too dangerous for your health—in so many ways.

Girl, independence in a relationship is just the best.
Now the big question is, how can we be or remain independent in a relationship? Well, let the next article speak for us...

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