As earlier mentioned, JonesDozi does not only discuss relationships it also focuses on parenthood and how to make a future that is full of joy and inner peace. Counsels are very valuable to a wise person and if well applied.

Let us consider some of them again.

1. Always remember to say “thank you” and “please”
Our parents, no doubt, taught us these. And as we apply them in our daily activities and our dealings with even our closest friends, we have been able to design the real meaning of life itself.

2. Always be humble and say “I am sorry”
These three words are very powerful to melt anger quickly. They have really helped us to develop and maintain a good relationship with people.

3. “Pride will never take you anywhere”
Because our parents have seen the results of pride, they keep warning us to avoid this common and inbuilt trait in us. Many of us who have been able to heed this counsel have benefited a lot.

4. Don’t be cajoled into joining bad gangs
Bad association, indeed, spoils a useful person. Nobody who has had dealings with corrupt individuals has ever felt peace and joy. The results of allowing unethical associates to influence you are like being addicted to smoking.

5. To be successful, hard work triumphs talent people
who are talented will never be successful if they don’t put forth hard work to climb the ladder. To be able to climb that ladder successfully, they need to work very hard.

6. “Always be neat”
Cleanness (or neatness) is next to godliness”, they say. Keeping our room, our surroundings, and our underwear clean is crucial to healthy living.

7. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything either”
It is very challenging, though. Nevertheless, this is just one of the best counsels ever to be received from parents. That we may not enter trouble, it is, in fact, more than important not to say anything at all than to say something that will implicate us.

8. “Patience can cook a stone. Therefore, always be patient”
Different people have different views about life. The way I see life isn’t the way Mr. B sees it. Humans, in general, have issues with delayed gratification. Nonetheless, waiting patiently to get what we want even if when we want it has passed help you see the beauty of life.

9. “You can do anything if put your mind to do”
Success works with the mind. If your mind is not ready yet, success will stay far from you. Through their strength and endurance, we have learnt from our parents that we can do anything we desire to achieve if we put our whole being.

11. “Don’t go with the crowd”
It is very easy to do what our peers do because we want to belong. But remember that some of the things they do are really nothing to write home about. Our parents taught us this too.

12. “Be early to bed”
Most of us can attest to the fact that we were not happy when our parents would force us to go to sleep early. But as studies have shown, going to bed early helps us overcome negativity, reduce stress, be more attractive, and achieve greater success.

I am sure the article is very timely since it serves as a source of reminder, right?

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