First of all, there is definitely nothing to get all worked up about if you happen to have dark gums. Of course, it will interest you to know some of the reasons why your gums might just be that way, i.e. dark or blackened. If it is as a result of natural causes like the color of your skin, hereditary, and not some dental health disorder, then you're safe

• Excessive sun exposure
Melanin in the skin goes deeper and extra darkened when the skin is exposed to too much sun. Dark gums are common mostly among Africans due to all that melanin thing we’ve got going on for us. So, if you’re black and you’ve got dark gums too, awe-mazing! It’s your melanin dripping alright, nothing wrong with your gums.

• Dental treatment
Blackened or spotty gums can also be caused after getting dentures, fillings or crowns. Still, there is nothing to worry about since it’s just gum discoloration, not a deadly disease; but you can always go for a cosmetic bleaching procedure if you’re worried about it still.

• Smoking
An addiction to cigars or cigarettes might also be the root cause of unnatural blackened gums; a clean break from smoking should remedy the situation.

• Poor dental health
In extreme cases of poor oral health, for instance, not brushing for months (who does that though? Not brushing for weeks? Gross!), can lead to a rare dental disorder called ‘trench mouth’ and definitely lead to discolored gums

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  1. Thank God! I thought my darkened gums were as a result of unhealthy teeth πŸ˜€ It's just my melanin drip πŸ˜€πŸ˜


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