Benefit of regular hug

Obviously, hugging or cuddling is one way of expressing love, happiness, excitement or offering emotional support, however, the benefits of hugging go skin-deep than making you feel warm and loved! Seen the popular animation, Trolls? Then you need to understand what the hype about “hug-time” is all about!

Hugs boost the immune system
While a warm bear hug from your loved ones is like an anti-stress remedy, studies show that supporting others by cuddling or hugging them decreases their chances of catching an infection or getting sick in comparison to persons who don’t get hugged often.

Cardiovascular health
Meaningful hugs and cuddles have also been discovered to help boost heart health according to health experts. Because people who get hugged on a daily, are stress-resistant, this is good news to their blood pressure and heart rate.

It reduces social anxiety
Warm hugs promote the production of the feel-good hormone called oxytocin therefore next time you’re feeling stifled in a crowd or fighting stage-fright, try enveloping someone in a hug and getting hugged in return, you’ll definitely feel your confidence levels soar.

Hugs reduce pain
Meaningful touches have a therapeutic effect, especially when it’s from your loved ones. Hugs or cuddles give a generous wallop of that therapeutic stuff therefore, it works as a natural pain reliever. Bottom line, why get aspirin or ibuprofen when a simple hug can ease away your aches?

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