Yes, yes, we have heard so much about personality types before. It is like almost every day, psychologists keep coming up with more categories but then, it is always fun to go through the list, trying to figure out which you and your loved ones fit into.

On those nights that NEPA does its thing, you could always sit around in a group to figure where each person belongs.

1. The agreeable one
Everyone would love this personality type because they are often trustworthy, kind and affectionate. They usually like to engage in volunteer work and other altruistic projects. The pitfall is that other people tend to view this personality type as naïve and passive, making them take advantage of those with this personality.

2. The conscientious one
If you are familiar with the 4 temperaments then this personality is most closely associated with the melancholy. The person with this personality is dependable, efficient and organized. He/she tends to be a high flyer but on the other hand, others may view this person as stubborn or obsessive so they may find working with him/her difficult.

3. The open one
It is good to be open, is it not? Usually, people who fall in this category have a wide variety of interests and are more likely to be adventurous. They are often creative, with vivid imaginations and in search of new experiences. People like them are spontaneous and are often the life of the party. On the other hand, they can be viewed as unpredictable and unfocused, making people assume they are not reliable.

4. The extrovert
Now, this is a familiar term, right? This person always brings a lot of energy into a room. They call attention to themselves, even if unconsciously because they are usually talkative and enthusiastic. They are usually on their best when they are in the spotlight. Others might view them as attention-seeking and domineering.

5. The neurotic one
This personality type experiences a lot of extremes when it comes to the mood. One moment they could be all excited and pleasant and then the next moment, they are irritable. They are highly reactive. Others may view them as unstable and insecure.

Now what?

Having identified your personality type, you may be wondering what comes next. Well, you should know that any aspect of your personality you don’t like can be improved upon. Now, that you know the weaknesses of each personality, you know what to focus on.

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