Let us admit it: The way we were raised always, in some ways, affects the way we think and act like adults.

True, it is the desire of every parent to help their children grow to become better adults. Nevertheless, there are some parents who want to do everything for their children.

Are you helicopter parents? How do you tell if the way you have been handling the affairs of your children can place you under the category of helicopter parents? Let us see.

You make decisions for your children
Children are not robots; they are free moral agents—people who should be allowed to decide on their own what to do.

It is only the responsibility of parents to guide their children in making good choices and correct them when necessary. But helicopter parents will always be there to decide for the child.

You don’t assign tasks to your children
Helicopter parents are always performing tasks by themselves. They fear that if they assign tasks to their children, they (the children) will fail.

The children don’t know basic adult skills
There are so many ladies out there today who don’t know how to cook. They would rather go to an eatery to get their meals. Many of these ladies were not taught right from home how to prepare meals. They also lack other basic skills.

If your child as an adult is afraid of failing 
Though nobody wants to fail, if your child who is now a grown-up is afraid of failing then it is because you always expected him to win—you never taught him that failure is part of life and should be expected in life.

Socializing with people is a very big problem for your child
When he was a child, you never allowed him to play with other kids. This will surely affect him as he grows up.

So if you're a helicopter parents, please know that you're not helping your child in any way.

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