Most of us feel awkward talking to a girl we like. Yes, guys have issues with the conversation aspect.

But, we have compiled a list of topics you can actually discuss with her and make the best impression every time.
Are you ready to see the cat as it is let out of the bag?

Family values
To girls, there is no topic of greater importance than talking about her family. Telling her how well you cherish her parents and siblings will make her feel crazy and want to be immersed more in the conversation.

Show interest in her

Interest is shown in someone if you talk about this person in his presence. Similarly, if you want her to think that she is special to you, don’t hesitate to talk about right in her presence.

Talk about her day
Asking a girl about her day gives her the impression that you are just there for her and always have her best interest at heart.

Show how caring and loving you are
Ladies nowadays are no longer cajoled into believing some false statements from guys such as “I love you”, “I care so much about you”, and “I will never hurt you; I promise.”
All of these are just talks. If you truly want her to believe you more than anyone else, you must show how caring and loving you are.

Whether it’s your first time meeting her or she’s a long-time crush, knowing what to say to a girl is the key to building up the relationship

Ask the right questions
we Africans are fond of asking some dirty questions that may get us told off. This could be embarrassing. Right questions are those that will be open-ended and will give you a beautiful chance to hear the “story” she has to say by pouring her heart to you.

Always immerse her in conversations
Don’t always be the one talking and jesting; let her in. You only make a girl special if you always ask her to say something. Doing this will make you have a place in her heart. 

Know what she is interested in and talk about them
Knowing what a girl is interested in can be extremely difficult sometimes, especially for those guys who reserved. 

But when you take the time to know what a girl is interested in and talk about these things at greater length is another fantastic way to get in touch with her heart.

Remember girls are interested in a lot of things. 

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