Some persons happen to have a case of mouth diarrhea and that’s why they don’t seem to understand that you don’t want to know about all the mindless garbage they’re spouting out of their mouth. Because you don’t want to appear rude by cutting them off mid-speech or walking out on them, what you need is some useful tips that would save you from endless chatter.

Listening politely
First, you want to give the person the benefit of the doubt and actually listen to what they have to say; here’s when you decide if it’s worth your time or otherwise.

Asking if you can interrupt them
If you’re not interested in what they’re saying then you can politely and confidently ask if you can interrupt, this might give them a clue that they really should stop talking about themselves and give you room in the conversation.

Turn the tables
The moment you interrupt them, albeit not rudely, you give them a taste of their own medicine by indulging in mindless chatter too. This should teach them a lesson or two on how you felt earlier and they just might stop talking.

Show your disdain
Some people don’t just know how to take a hint, so you might want to not just use your body language in telling them you dislike the talking situation but actually tell them you’re not interested anymore.

At the end of the day if they ignore all your attempts to end the conversation or steer it to saner topics, then bid them goodbye. Might come off as rude but you tried your best, yeah?

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