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Is Your Child Ready For A Smartphone?

No doubt, smartphones are a source of communication and information. You can easily pick up your phone and contact your sibling or a friend, desiring to pass across important information.

While it has profound reasons why people should use it, there are ample reasons why it ought not to be introduced to children.

Do you really think your kid is ready for a cell phone? When is the right time to
However, there are many risks involved in giving a child a smartphone to use.

The child will have access to the internet and will surely, whether he likes it or not, be exposed to violent or inappropriate contents. And this will pose a very big danger in his life if he is unable to control what he sees on the internet.

In addition, children with smartphones always stay up late into the night playing games and/or texting their friends. This has adverse effects on their sleep and learning.

Extra calls, extra charges. Children love talking to people, especially their schoolmates. The calling bills will surely come from you. And if proper orientation is not given them, there will likely be occasions when they will even be called by a member of the opposite sex.

Parents, please think carefully before giving your child a smartphone to use.

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