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Mum Found Dead After Sending Husband Ultimatum

An enthusiastic teacher, a devoted mum, and a loyal wife. Vanessa Masucci had many roles in her life, and she was committed to each and every one of them.

Vanessa, 30, lived in Revere, Massachusetts, with her husband Andrew MacCormack and their one-year-old daughter. She taught second grade at Connery Elementary School and her passion for teaching made her popular with colleagues and students alike. Despite her busy life, Vanessa still found time to regularly host her family in her beautifully styled home.

Warm-natured Vanessa loved having her parents and sister over regularly, as they were all very close. They would often comment on her sense of humor and her ability to make people laugh. Above all, Vanessa treasured her little girl and would have done anything to give her the best life possible. She couldn’t have been more proud of every milestone her only child reached.

Vanessa’s laborer husband Andrew was also committed to his passions – unfortunately, his number one obsession was cocaine. Andrew was the one thing in Vanessa’s life that was causing her frustration and heartache. They might have photographed like the perfect couple with big smiles, but they were far from happy. Vanessa was seething about the way her husband was ruining it all.

Andrew had a drug habit that was causing him to spend hundreds of dollars a week. It was an expensive problem that he really couldn’t afford so he was finding ways to get the money.

He started to forge cheques from Vanessa’s account to pay drug dealers and he even pawned his wedding ring for $120. Then Vanessa’s wedding ring mysteriously went missing, and so did the replacement that had been purchased on the insurance.

It’s thought that Andrew pawned them both to feed his habit. To explain the missing money, he said his account had been hacked. Vanessa wasn’t a fool. She tried to keep her family together, but Andrew wouldn’t get help and their marriage was at a crisis point.

Vanessa's Funeral
In late August 2017, it seemed Andrew’s cocaine addiction was getting really out of control. Vanessa sent him a message threatening to sell the house and file for a divorce if he didn’t shape up.

They said that the rash he had from the apparent bleach clean-up had in fact been there before the murder, due to a reaction to washing detergent, and wasn’t connected.

But the prosecution said Andrew was a clear killer. They reminded the jury Vanessa was fed up with her husband’s ‘erratic and evasive behavior’ leading up to her death and Andrew knew she was planning on leaving him. They talked about the message that Vanessa had sent telling him to get a lawyer.

The weapon was most likely the knife taken from the block in the kitchen and Andrew had behaved strangely the day of the killing. He had taken his daughter on a carpentry job and had driven around random streets as though he was avoiding being at home.

In the end, the jury found Andrew guilty of first-degree murder. When the verdict was announced, Vanessa’s mum Karen responded with reserved relief. ‘We can’t say we’re happy,’ she said. ‘You can never be truly happy after you’ve experienced this. But my daughter can rest in
peace now. Justice was served.’

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