Though Burna Boy’s Grammy-nomination has been a thing of joy and celebration to Nigerians, the possibility of him walking away with the award is however debatable owing to the fact that he has not outdone the legendary Fela.

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Music critics are of the opinion that Fela Kuti deserves a Grammy Award for his contribution to the world of music art.

Fela Kuti was not only a musician but also an activist with 80% or more of his music dedicated to protesting and speaking up against the Nigerian Military Junta with no respect for anyone, not even Olusegun Obasanjo.

The demise of this great music icon saw an end to protest music as the front liners in the music industry today do not hold the wellbeing of the masses in any importance. 

It is under this premise that many music critics think Burna Boy doesn’t deserve a Grammy, as all he does is to sample Fela’s legendary tunes without standing for what Fela stood for.

Critics further submitted that if Fela Kuti can't get a Grammy in death, at least the guy on the lead sax of Zombie deserves the award if truly Grammy is meant for the best outstanding artistes. But Burna Boy is a no-no. Do you agree?

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