Being inspired by others is good, but being an inspiration to others is the best way for one to live his or her life.

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During our early stages of life, we tend to pick role models, people that motivates us, people that inspires us to press forward to success. Do such as still exist? yes they do. Though it's being treated with frivolity of heart. 

If you have people around you that inspire you, do you inspire others as well. Do you hear people say with a sincere heart. I'd like to emulate you in this or that. If you don't hear that or see that around you, then there's so many things you're doing that is not right. It means you struggle to really apply some basic life principles that can shape your life for the better.

Now is the time to turn a new leaf, now is the time to be an inspiration to others, now is the time for your light to shine forth. Remember to be inspired is great, but to inspire is INCREDIBLE

Have a great week ahead!!! 


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