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Why I Apologized For Calling 2Face Idibia A Thief – Blackface Reveals

Shortly after apologizing and revoking all allegations of song theft and career sabotage previously made against Mr. Innocent Idibia and Mr. Efe Omorogbe, Blackface has explained why he did so. In a lengthy post, he said;

“I’m a human being and a Nigerian who fights for his rights. The problem with many of us is that we are afraid to speak up for what is right or defend the truth when we know it. 
No be say I too talk my people. But I’m just trying to inspire somebody or ‘trying to make common sense’ as Mr. Ben Bruce would say. My people 
‘Don’t sleep on your rights’ and users of people's works make sure the writers/contributors are credited properly.”
“When you speak out, things happen and that’s why I said I will be done with these issues this year 2019 and behold here we are. 
I can say that the N50m defamation suit filed against me by Mr. Innocent Idibia aka 2face and his manager Mr. Efe Omorogbe has been settled out of court as they both have withdrawn their case filed against me.” 
“It’s true that they sang my song without permission and truly it pissed me off. But that doesn’t legally make them thieves as the lawyers made me understand. 
Sometimes the words we use matter, that’s why I apologized. Finally, they admitted they made mistakes with my songwriters and publishers' rights which they should have informed me.”
“They’ve promised to rectify them so we wait and I hope they honor this time and furnish me details to that effect. To all my fans, friends, family, followers and #BFNNation, Thank you all for your support. I owe you guys a big concert #BFNLIC1. Can we now go back to music? The #album #RisingSun soon be available.”

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