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Why Many Smart And Gorgeous Ladies Stay Single For Years

Ever wondered why of recent some ladies don’t appear to be in a frenzy to take a man home to mama? Like these ladies are well ripe for marriage and everything but are still very much single!

Considering the fact that in this part of the country having a steady relationship headed to the altar is tagged as an accomplishment, let’s check up on reasons why smart and pretty ladies prefer to remain unattached.

Independence is the new cool
Gone are the days when the average woman seeks fulfillment in a man, now we have boss-ladies out there acing their career game and paying their own bills.

High standards
This is only to be expected when you earn your own dough, pay your bills and have a beautiful life of your own, any who would compete with your class and standards obviously has a lot of catching up to do.

Men get intimidated by beautiful and smart women
Understand that there are guys out there who don’t bother to shoot their shot when they come across a beautiful lady, in their mind, she’s very much engaged, besides there’s the fear of being turned down. So, they’d rather go for dross than chase gold.

Modern women no longer believe in fairy tales
Fairy tales are filled with princesses and their prince Charming living happily-ever-after, but in the real world, and for the 21st-century woman, her mind is turned away from the concept of finding true love when she understands the reality of heartbreak, infidelity, and betrayal.

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