Most of the time we tend to take the many good things in life for granted and fail to count our blessings. Instead, we focus on the unpleasantness of life and turn bitter with discontent.

But the fact remains that we think we’ve got it all bad until we take a peek into the unfortunate predicament of others, hence the need to appreciate even the simple things in life before they get snatched out of our hands.

Good health
It would shock you speechless when you discover the truckload of money some folks spend just to stabilize their health. If you’re lucky enough to have a healthy family or affordable medical care, consider yourself not just lucky but blessed.

In this part of the country where quality education comes at a high price, and also acts as a determinant that could make or mar your future.

Having access to it is a huge privilege when you consider folks in impoverished countries who don’t have the luxury of enrolling their wards in school.

Loving family
Before you accuse members of your family as being overbearing or overprotective, take a minute to consider the fate of millions of orphans who don’t get to receive the doting care and attention of a family of theirs. Don’t take these things for granted, learn to be thankful for family who loves you and stand by you.

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