Photograph by Eleanorgoodeyphotography 

All sisters share a special bond between them. Growing up together, fighting over petty things, at the same time, being there for one another when the situation demands - are a few of the aspects of this special relationship. 

Most of us do not realize how much our sisters mean to us, unless and until we are separated from them. 

And it's not just their support and comfort that we miss, it is the laughter and the fun times that we had together, that are perhaps missed the most.

@eleanorgoodeyphotography after reading my book @atoasttolifebook was inspired by the special bond my sisters @ssoniaibrahim and @lalahnadya and I share and decided to use her lenses to capture those emotions for your viewing pleasure. #sisterhood #atoasttolifebook #atoasttolife #love

More Pictures of Juliet Ibrahim Sisters

Lalah Nadya


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