With every new advert for a beauty product on air or on social platforms, the content of your dressing table seems to overflow; thanks to the abundance of skincare and makeup items out there with their irresistible tags and professed magical components we end up buying more than we really need.

While some cosmetics might work for you, over time we’ve come to realize that many items aren’t worth spending money on at all.

Female shaving creams and foams
Why spend extra money buying the fragrant shaving stuff when you can as well use your male shaving products which cost way less or make us of your moisturizing shower gel or hair conditioner. These three will still give you desired results while shaving.

Nail polish top coat
The presence or absence of a special topping on your nail polish isn’t what makes your manicure come out nicely, rather it is the quality of the nail polish itself. Rather than going for topcoats, get a high quality nail polish instead.

Facial spray
While you may be made to understand in commercials that spray for the face is just what you need to keep your face moisturized all day long, this is a farce. Facial sprays in the actual sense only dry out the skin, even the sprays that are said to have moisturizing components.

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