Ways to Support Other Women and Why it’s Important

Because girls literally create magic when they rise up to support each other rather than hating the success of others, and women who support other women are likely to succeed too! You definitely want to join this spread love and support wagon and here’s why.

When that sister next door is going something trivial as a breakup with her man, don’t make her more miserable by telling her “I told you…” rather be her support system at that moment.

If a friend wants to go into a business venture, tell her you’re proud of her rather than giving mean comments about her choice.

Share your knowledge
You might not have a dime to give in supporting other women like you but what you’ll likely have is an experience! Meet a new colleague in your workplace? 

Teach her the ropes and help her get tuned in to the basics, a sister about to go into the same trade you do? Share from your wealth of knowledge and Nah, she won’t end up taking your clients, there is karma remember?

Give compliments
You want to ensure your presence alone emits good vibes, and one way of doing that is making others feel appreciated. Learn the art of giving meaningful compliments, see a lady colleague doing great in her craft? 

Laud her efforts! Saw a gorgeous dress on your next-door neighbor? Give an honest compliment right on the spot with a smile, and try not to ask her where she got the dress from.

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