Britain Flag Removed From EU Council in Brussels 

BRITAIN has finally left the EU tonight as millions celebrate one of the biggest moments in the nation's history.

The UK is at last an independent country again, sparking wild scenes of joy across our United Kingdom.

After years of dither and delay, tonight the public celebrates with Boris Johnson finally delivering Brexit.

It came as the Prime Minister vowed to unleash the “full potential” of Brexit Britain and pledged “hope and opportunity” for the North.

Scenes of jubilation erupted at a rally in Parliament Square as the clock struck 11pm and hardcore Brexit fans had tears in their eyes as they sang a rendition of God Save The Queen.

A recording of Big Ben's bong was played and flares were set off as a video screen displayed the words 'We're Out!'

People in the crowd were heard screaming: "We're gone!" and "We were there."

Fireworks were set off around Britain and crowds gathered at parties to celebrate the historic moment.

A jubilant Nigel Farage described it as "the greatest moment in the modern history of our great nation."

He said: "We have passed the point of no return. We are never going back."
Before 11pm, he said in a speech: "Something truly remarkable is going to happen.
"Something that I fought for for 27 years and something many thousands of you have given your time and money for." 
He went on: "The people have beaten the establishment. The real winner tonight is democracy. And I am someone who believes we should be pro-Europe, but not the European Union."
Speaking less than an hour before the nation celebrated the historic EU exit, the PM promised to "level up" and improve the lives of everyone in Britain.

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