List Of TV Series That Have Already Been Renewed (Or Canceled!)

Renewed TV Shows
TV is in a weird state right now. Many TV shows, specifically broadcast series, shut down production as coronavirus spread around the world.

Shows such as The Resident, New Amsterdam, Grey's Anatomy and Empire are ending their seasons early and not resuming production when deemed safe and the coronavirus curve is flattened. Shows like This Is Us, The Real Housewives of New York City, Schitt's Creek and many streaming shows have already completed production and have either completed runs, are nearing completion or just premiering.

Below, get a rundown of the shows that have already been renewed (or canceled) as others await their fate come Upfronts in May.

Renewed: Station 19 (ABC)

ABC is sticking with the Grey's Anatomy spinoff for a season four. Grey's has already been renewed through season 17, so we've got at least another year of both shows.

Ending: The Magicians (Syfy)

Syfy's series based on the books of the same name will come to an end with season five, but don't worry: producers planned on the ending serving as a series finale.
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Canceled: Almost Family (Fox)
Fox has officially said goodbye to the low-rated drama after one season.

Ending: Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)
After 10 seasons, Hawaii Five-0 will come to an end on April 3. 

Renewed: Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
NBC has ordered three more seasons of Detective Olivia Benson (and Dick Wolf's other NBC shows).

Renewed: Chicago Fire (NBC)
Three more seasons are on the way.

Renewed: Chicago P.D. (NBC)
P.D. will be back for three more seasons at least!

Renewed: Sex Education (Netflix)
The Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield dramedy will return for season three.

Ending: Homeland (Showtime)
Season eight will be the last for Claire Danes' crying face.

Renewed: This Is Us (NBC)
NBC renewed This Is Us through season six.

Renewed: New Amsterdam (NBC)
NBC handed out a big renewal to New Amsterdam, renewing the show through the 2022-2023 season.

Renewed: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC)
NBC is keeping Brooklyn Nine-Nine on patrol for a season eight.

Ending: The Good Place (NBC)
Four seasons and the afterlife comedy came to a close.

Ending: The 100 (CW)
The CW series will say goodbye after season seven.
Ending: Supernatural (CW)
It's been 15 years of adventures for Sam and Dean Winchester, and now they're saying goodbye.

Ending: Arrow (CW)
After years of fighting crime, CW has said goodbye to Arrow.

Renewed: Roswell, New Mexico (CW)
This reboot has staying power.

Renewed: Riverdale (CW)
These crazy kids aren't going anywhere.
Renewed: Nancy Drew (CW)
Nancy Drew remains on the case for a second season.

Renewed: Legends of Tomorrow (CW)
Superheroes for all!

Renewed: Legacies (CW)
Vampires never go out of style.

Renewed: In the Dark (CW)
Season three is a go.

Renewed: The Flash (CW)
Barry Allen and his friends are back to fight crime.

Renewed: Dynasty (CW)
The dramatic Carrington family live to slap each other some more.
Renewed: Charmed (CW)
Charmed has cast a spell over an audience.

Renewed: Black Lightning (CW)
Black Lightning continues to fight crime on The CW

Renewed: Batwoman (CW)
Kate Kane patrols Gotham City for another season.

Renewed: Supergirl (CW)
Remember when this show was on CBS? On The CW, Supergirl has flourished and flown to another renewal.

Ending: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)
The first TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ends in 2020.

Ending: How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)
Viola Davis' ABC drama comes to an end in 2020.

Ending: Empire (Fox)
The Lyon family will roar for a final time in season six.

Ending: Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)
After six seasons, the Huang family's stories came to and end in 2020.

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