Kristen Dahlgren is cancer-free!

Kristen Dahlgren is cancer-free!

The NBC correspondent, 47, announced the happy news on Twitter Wednesday, explaining that after several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation she is "DONE WITH CANCER TREATMENT."
"After 8 rounds of chemo and 25 rounds of radiation I AM DONE WITH CANCER TREATMENT!! No hugs or high 5's... not even a bell to ring because of #COVID But tears of gratitude for the #HealthcareHeroes who helped me through all of the support I received. #THANKYOU #CancerFree," Dahlgren wrote.

Alongside Dahlgren's message, she shared a photo of herself wearing a medical mask and dressed in a hospital gown. Making the moment all the more special, she posed next to the plaque where the commemorative wall bell would be to celebrate her milestone.

In response to her post, Dahlgren received a number of congratulatory messages.

"Awesome!!!" her fellow NBC correspondent Joe Fryer tweeted. Happy Recovery Kristen Dahlgren

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