If you don’t apply what you #learn then learning loses most of its value! For example, let’s suppose you learn that exercising makes you happier and increases your lifespan, both are great goals.

If you don't exercise as a result of learning that, then it didn't do much good to you. Indeed, it might have made you feel stressed out, which in turn decreases your #happiness and lifespan! This is not to say that unapplied knowledge is always useless. For example, some people get intrinsic enjoyment out of learning. There is also the potential benefit of “working out” your mind and increasing its ability to learn things quickly.

On the whole, however, a huge proportion of the value of learning comes from applying what you've learned. Yet for some reason people are generally not great at that.

How would you apply what you learn? Drop some tips in the comments below and help someone one!

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