What differentiates the good from the great? Everyone has the potential to be great, but there are a few key things that differentiate those who want to be great and those who actually embody greatness.


Instead of seeing the present version of yourself in the mirror, why not see yourself as your desired future self? Look in the mirror and see what is possible for yourself. See yourself as the CEO, a millionaire, the next Hollywood star!


What do you spend your time doing every day? Do these activities and actions align with your goals? ✔️Busy-ness

Busy is a trap. We fill our lives with things that keep us distracted and divert our focus from being great. You could really only do five things everyday to rock your life.

But the key is to do the RIGHT five things that move you towards your dreams, instead of doing a million of the wrong things.


Usually on our path to reaching our goals, we end up doing some things that we don’t love but are necessary either for our survival or to up level our lives. For a lot of people, this can look like working a job that you don’t enjoy or compromising your ideal living situation.

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