A Long Island family is leaning on each other as they cope with what has become their "new reality" after their beloved husband and father died at 36 from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Jenn Bradin tells PEOPLE she's having trouble wrapping her mind around the fact that her "devoted" husband, Yoni's life was cut short on April 20 due to the virus.

"It's surreal to think he's not here anymore. It's such a devastating loss," she says. "You're talking about someone who had a full life still ahead of him and it was taken away in a snap of a finger by something that nobody could've ever seen coming."
Part of the life that was stolen from him by coronavirus was watching his children, 3-year-old daughter Bella and 1-year-old son Noah, grow up. Despite being so young, Jenn notes that Bella has been a source of comfort for her as they continue to grieve.

"There are nights where I lay with her and cry — because, to me, she needs to see my emotions too and know that I'm sad about it — and she'll say, 'Why are you crying?' and I'll say, 'I miss Aba [dad in Hebrew].
I'm thinking about him,'" Jenn, 36, recalls. "And she'll cup my face with her hands, and she'll say 'It's okay, Mommy, Aba's in heaven, and in our hearts and our heads.'"

"There are so many different ranges of emotions that she has," she continues. "It's crazy to think that my 3-and-a-half-year-old is comforting me sometimes."

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