With only two episodes left until How to Get Away with Murder's series finale, the time has almost come to find out the legal fate of the characters left standing. The series creator and executive producer Peter Nowalk and the show's stars look back on HTGAWM's six seasons and tease what the finale could have in store.

"A long time ago I gave up trying to predict anything, how anything was going to happen because I'd realize it was an exercise in futility," Matt McGorry, who plays the recently deceased Asher Millstone, says in the video.

Following Asher's death in the season 6 midseason finale, his friends and fellow law students Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Connor (Jack Falahee) got arrested for his murder. Turns out, an FBI agent actually did the job.
Annalise (Viola Davis), Bonnie (Liza Weil), Frank (Charlie Weber), and the Keating Five still have plenty of blood on their hands, though. "I think we deserve to be in jail," says Karla Souza — the actress behind law student and new mom Laurel, who disappeared at the end of season 5.

Falahee, 31, desires an even darker ending. "I'm a big Game of Thrones fan, and so I think that everyone in the last episode should just die," he says in the featurette.

Falahee's on-screen husband Conrad Ricamora wants happiness for their characters. "I hope that they can get out to some ranch in Montana and have a few dogs and maybe adopt a few kids and just be baking pies on the weekends," says Ricamora, 41.

But it all comes down to what Nowalk wants. "Nobody deserves to get away with murder," he says. "Some of them will, some of them won’t. I want people to be horrified by that."

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