The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints Plan to refund members tithe for the past 3 years has been referred to as a rumor. This news began its wild spread after an unauthenticated memo was released on social media.

Leaders of the church have come out to say that its a rumor and Local bishops have also said that they never received such an email from the Church's Headquarters which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States. Please it is important to note that when official memos are released from the Church Headquarters, they are always sent to the emails of local church leaders around the world.
Recently the church released an official memo as regards the opening of temples around the world during this pandemic period and the memo was published on the NewsRoom of the church. and other official information of the church can be found News Release
Message from Leaders In Africa West Area

The church has provided support worth millions of dollars to various countries around the world and with the help of its Local leaders who oversee the Stakes and Wards around the world.
Nigerians have taken their reaction on social media after popular Instagram blogger Tunde Edunt

These are a few of the reactions from Social Media

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