One of my favorite quotes in the world says, "It takes money to cancel insult". I love this quote so much because it is so true!!!

No thanks to COVID-19, a lot of people in the world today have either lost their jobs or whatever source of income they have. You might want to put all the blame on coronavirus as the reason for you being broke, but the truth is some of you reading this have bad money habits. So, even if you got paid more or found another source of income, you might still find your self having money problems if another pandemic hits the world again.

With that being said, may I share a few things I have learned about money?

You don't have to spend more when you earn more: The human appetite when not controlled can lead us into making dumb financial decisions. For instance, you get a promotion at work at comes with you making 2x more than what you made before. For the sake of this analogy let's say you earned $500 before your promotion, now you have been promoted your salary got bumped up to $1000. 

With this increment comes an appetite to spend more on clothes, housing (move to a bigger apartment) and maybe, eat more at restaurants. While this might be seen as enjoyment by you and those with bad money habits like you, it is bad on your finances.

If you were living on $500 before your promotion please do not increase your spending when you get promoted. This is not the time to hit the club, get designer clothes, take a vacation, e.t.c. You can save that extra $500 for a few months and use it to invest in real estate, stocks, a new skill, side hustle, and so on. Stop living from paycheck to paycheck or salary to salary.

If there's a topic you would like us to write on to help you with your finances, please let us know in the comment section.

Stay safe out there, guys.

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