After months of waiting, we finally have a clear image of the next-gen PlayStation console from Sony.

The PlayStation 5 reveal event wouldn't be complete without the reveal. To that end, Sony showed off the physical hardware for the first time, giving us the first clear image of the PlayStation 5.

As you may have expected, the PS5 hardware bears a family resemblance to the new DualSense controller. That controller debuted in April, showing off a sleekly refined form factor and a new dual-tone design. The PS5 matches with its own design features. And yes, although it was only shown off standing vertically, you can lay the system on its side.

The DualSense also includes haptics and adaptive triggers, allowing developers to adjust the trigger tension and give more precise feedback than the classic rumble tech. It will also retain the light bar from the DualShock 4, though its placement on the controller has been tweaked. 

As for the PS5 itself, Sony revealed that much like the Xbox One S, it will be available in two variants: one with a disc drive, and one without. The discless model, called the Digital Edition, is noticeably slimmer, although it still bears the same form factor. However, while we finally got to see the actual system, no pricing details or release date were announced--that will come later, the company says.

We also got a look at some PS5 accessories, including a charging dock for the DualSense controller, HD camera, Pulse 3D wireless headset, and media remote.

Of course, we also saw a ton of PS5 games during the reveal event, many of which hadn't previously been announced.
Some of the highlights include Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, a brand-new entry in the beloved platforming series "built from the ground up" for PS5, and Resident Evil 8. Sony saved perhaps its biggest announcement for last: a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel .

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