Justice for Tina Genevieve Nnaji
Popular Nollywood Actress, Genevieve Nnaji has aired her thoughts on the tragic murder of 17-year-old Tina Ezekwe and Uwa Omozuwa, 22.

Uwa Omozuwa was brutally assaulted and raped inside a church where she went to read in Benin, while Tina was was shot dead by two police officers on May 26 in Lagos The actress has now reacted to the trending topics and she took to her social media page to write ; “They either abuse their power, or have the power to abuse. In or out of uniform, we live in constant fear of men. Tina Ezekwe. Vera Omozuwa. Rest In Peace my darlings. We will get justice.”


  1. People are attacking her saying she shouldn't generalize rape to all men but they don't understand where she's coming from. As a girl, I can't enter a bus filled with only men or feel comfortable walking past a group of boys when I'm alone, I'm not saying that these men are rapists or molesters but I'm still scared. It's the cruel reality we live in.


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