It’s easy to focus on what is wrong in your life than trying to envisage a better future because your problems are real.

To imagine a future you can’t see poses a challenge. However, it’s worth devoting more time to visualize what you want to experience as I’m about to outline.

Before we proceed…

Visualization without action is futile because mental preparation and inspired action are both necessary to bring to life your desires.

Visualization is the seed fertilized in the mind, whereby action is the flowering plant that blossoms. One needs the other to manifest your goals and dreams.

I’m not articulating something new and apologize if you came looking for a revelation. Similarly, I can’t assure you that a new idea will change your life either. What I can offer is a message that highlights why visualization is a powerful tool to improve your life.

It’s important to visualize a favorable future instead of focussing on circumstances that annoy you. Many people act impulsively without giving any thought to what they really want.

They constantly think about what they don’t want and are disheartened when it shows up not as expected.

This is because they haven’t devoted enough time or energy to get clear on their desires. If you follow me for a long time already it meant that you know the following:

It was Napoleon Hill who wrote in The Master Key to Riches:

“Mental attitude is important because it converts the brain into the equivalent of an electromagnet which attracts the counterpart of one’s dominating thoughts, aims and purposes. It also attracts the counterpart of one’s fears, worries and doubts.”

People spend more time than necessary observing what is wrong in their life instead of imagining what their ideal future could be.

Now, let me ask you… Do you have a vision for your future or what are you really doing with your life? 🤔

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