We live in a society where discrimination and prejudice are real but good news is that there are certain principles, ethics, and manner of behaviour which were adhered to like the gospel that is getting way out of trend now in our modern world.

 With all the complexities and hardships, we face on a daily, the world is still a beautiful place to make your dreams come to life, with that in mind we’d like you to check up on certain things that are luckily vanishing in the modern world and thereby raise your hopes for a better tomorrow.
Beauty comes in every size

Tall, slim, slender, curvy, plump, whatever size, shape or height you are, you don’t have to conform to a laid-down fashion standard because now we get the fact that you are your own definition of beautiful.

You decide your transitions

Okay, this here might not appear easy in some cases, however, it’s 21st century people! Meaning you don’t have to live in accordance with another person’s time-zone. You have the right to choose when to enter college when to get married and even when to have kids.

Females aren’t relegated to just kitchen work

Women can be great wives, loving mothers, effective home managers and still run a successful career singlehandedly. Gone are the days when people held the belief that a woman’s duty starts in the kitchen and ends in the bedroom.

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