A Nigerian journalist has shared his opinion on the acting dexterity of Nollywood actresses, Genevieve Nnaji and Adesua Etomi.

Gimba Kakanda on Twitter opines that veteran actress, Genevieve Nnaji is an average actress and there isn’t anything extraordinarily spectacular about her acting. He also said the same for Adesua Etomi but says her acting career is still quite early for her to be judged.
He wrote, Genevieve is actually an average actress, there’s nothing extraordinarily spectacular about her acting. You should be talking about someone like Mercy Johnson if you want to talk about someone much more talented, and above the league of Adesua.

I watched Sugar Rush when it hit the cinema, and I didn’t find Adesua Etomi’s acting underwhelming as some have observed. She’s your everyday Nollywood actress, nothing spectacular but commendable. It’s too soon to judge her fairly because we haven’t seen the extent of her range.

Adesua is yet to be stretched in the fashion of, say, the incredibly talented Mercy Johnson. She’s unlikely to have Mercy’s range, and talent, but her difference with actresses like Genevieve is the one between six and half a dozen. She’s a Genevieve with less movies and stardom.


  1. I don't agree with that. Genevieve and Adesua both have their strengths but Genevieve can't be qualified as average. All roles played by Genevieve were executed with exactness and that's pure talent. Genevieve can't and shouldn't be categorized as "average" that's not true at all.

  2. its sounds absurd to think of such. From my point of view, i feel you can't compare them with Mercy Johnson. The kind of movies they feature in can't be compared with Mercy Johnson's kind of movie. Adesua is good at her own game so is Genevieve as well.


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