What a long break! We've sincerely missed all our loyal review readers out there and we sincerely apologize for keeping you in suspense.
This week's review comes from a Netflix original titled FEEL THE BEAT. Yeah! sounds like a dance movie right?. But this one comes with a series of moral lessons that will be of help to you or someone you know. The movie seems like a teenage movie but then progresses into a family movie. So whats "FEEL THE BEAT" all about?
The movie talks about a girl called April, who After failing to find success on Broadway, April returns to her hometown and reluctantly is recruited to train a misfit group of young dancers for a big competition.

Now from JonesDozi point of view, Yes, it's another one of those "A former star helps misfits do *something* and they rock it" type of movie, but as if anyone cares, we're here to spend an evening eating ice-cream and trying to relax, nobody expects it to be an Oscar-material. And the movie just does its job as good as possible. 

The kids are adorable and acting pretty good, the plot is cheesy and predictable but still cute, funny and not Hallmark-level predictable. The lead actress is gorgeous doing a great job performing a rather complex and unlikable character. I really enjoyed watching it, actually almost didn't stop it to look at the phone, so I would recommend it! So don't believe the negative ratings from people. JonesDozi rates 8/10
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