An Idaho woman agreed to serve as a surrogate for a couple, but the coronavirus pandemic has left her caring for the baby for close to half a year. Two months before Emily Chrislip was scheduled to give birth, COVID-19 turned into a global pandemic, putting a halt to almost all travel and causing strict restrictions to curb the spread.

But while those travel restrictions were meant to keep people safe, they've also become the very thing that has prevented Emily and her husband Brandon Chrislip from handing off the baby girl to her new parents, who currently live in China. "At first, we thought it would be a max four weeks, and then it kept getting longer and longer," Emily, 25, tells PEOPLE. "At this point, we've just accepted that we don't know... but we wouldn't have it any other way. She is so loved and right now, we are the constant in her life."

Emily first decided to become a surrogate in 2018 after giving birth to her son Camden and wanting to help someone else become a mother.

"I have watched family members and friends struggle with infertility and trying to get pregnant and my husband and I were blessed to have no trouble ourselves," Emily shares. 

"I could not imagine not being able to have my own biological child, and my pregnancy and delivery were very easy and uncomplicated, so we decided to start looking into it."

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