It is said that Albert Einstein once noted that the most powerful force in the universe was the principle of compounding. In investing and finance, this force manifests itself through the concept of compounding interest. In simple terms, compound interest means that you begin to earn interest on the interest you receive, which multiplies your money at an accelerating rate. In other words, if you have $500 and earn 10% in interest, you have $550. Then, if you earn 10% of interest on that, you end up with $605. And so on, until eventually, your original $500 is eclipsed by the amount of interest you have gained. This is the reason for the success of many top investors. Anyone can take advantage of the benefits through a disciplined investing program. Now when you're staring a business and your goal is to make money, you're never going to make that money because you haven't invested your resources. For instance, 2 years ago, Coca-Cola spent over $30 Billion on Advertisement. That's an investment.Imangine how much they earned later on. The money spent was Trippled. Invest in your business, it's not about buying goods to fill up your store, it's about filling the hearts of your clients or consumers.

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