I’ll admit it: I love flowers. 

“The Rose is without an explanation; She blooms, because She blooms.” 

Your uniqueness is the highest gift of your existence. Perfection is a delusional vision.

So love the person who loves you


Our soul is like a soft & gentle flower, in need of nurture, care, tenderness, with sufficient sunlight, fresh air & freedom, to bloom into its most precious & beautiful form. This, my friend, is self-love. 

Sometimes people appear in your life unexpectedly like a gift from the Universe. You didn’t even know you needed them, or that you had called out silently to their aid. They appear when you want them most; to lift you, ignite your fire & shine a light on your path. 

They sprout the seed that was in you, patiently watching over it to emerge from the soil, from within. This is a delicate time, you as the plant, they as the nurturer. 

You as the plant needing them for your growth, they as your nurturer, having the energy to believe in your growth. Then, one day you blossom, awaken to the beauty around you & become whole again. The only thing you ask from them now, is to celebrate the flower you have become, accepting the richness of your flora.

Never despite your days of little beginnings, those are your formidable phase, leading to your defining moments. 

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