“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some you learn best in storm”.

Life is a series of ups & downs, just like the storm & at every stage, you are either in one of this cycle at a given moment, but never in both at once. 

A refining process, the storm was made not just to test & break us into tiny atoms but to mould us again, making sure we emerge on the other side, a winner deserving of their blessings.

You can run from it, fight it or hide from it but you can never stop it because there are no shortcuts, just delayed destiny.

While being uncertain is normal, we need to continue to devout ourselves to peacefulness because . 

Keep pushing till your peaceful moments becomes a daily norm & your life becomes this amazing place of wholeness & calm.

Setbacks are only a part of the journey but throwing in the towel & letting go, is not. The tenacity to keep pushing regardless, is the leadership attribute needed to come out on top, because in the end, you always win.

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