Dublin has a rich variety of tours but the latest one you don’t see very often. Tom Austin decided to create a project that shows tourists the homeless parts of Dublin - the inner-city that tourists seldom visit.⁠

Tom got support from Dublin Simon Community – a non-profit that works to prevent and address homelessness in Dublin and other cities. And now he employs homeless people as city tour guides. That way the homeless make use of their knowledge about the city to earn income and reintegrate into society.⁠

The project started with Derek McGuire as the first guide. Derek’s route shows areas where he used to sleep for two years, then it shows hostels for homeless people and pubs nearby. ⁠

The 90-minute tour costs €10 (£8.90) and Derek gives tips on how to stay safe, hide possessions, and mingle with the crowd.⁠

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