In 2019, Wyatt Haas (5y.o. at the time) was diagnosed with brain cancer. He had to receive treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN, which meant that his family would have to leave their home in Montana. But before leaving home, his neighborhood surprised him with a magical party in the local park. Wyatt loves unicorns, and when a family friend, Jennifer Nielsen, heard about it, she decided to set up a “unicorn ride” for him.⁠

Jennifer used washable animal chalk, which is temporary and safe on animals, to paint her horse and make him look like a mythical creature.⁠

"I don't think he expected to see a unicorn at the park," dad Zach Haas commented. "I think he just expected to see friends. He was super excited."⁠

“Wyatt’s scans are CLEAR!” His mom, Corissa, happily announced on their Facebook page ‘Wyatt’s Journey’ in January, 2021. ⁠

h/t: GMA⁠

Photo: Jennifer Nielsen⁠ Photo

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