Grammy award winner Burna Boy has bragged of fulfilling his parents’ wish after taking delivery of his Grammy Award Plaque saying he’s a product of sacrifice.

Burna Boy sharing a photo of his Grammy awards plaque shared an inspirational message of his family and how excited he is for fulfilling his parents’ wishes just like his other two sisters gave their parents what they asked of them.

According to Burna Boy, his parents prayed for excellent children and not houses, cars, or things. They asked his two sisters for stellar degrees and one got first class in France and the other got a distinction in Engineering.

Burna Boy added that his parents asked him for a Grammy and he has been able to fulfill that now that he has received the plaque of his award saying he’s a product of sacrifice thanking God and everyone for their support.

Burna Boy‘s joy of being able to fulfill his parents’ wish is a blessing to him as every child dreams to make their parents happy and proud of them and he took delivery of his Grammy Award plaque shows he has finally made his parents proud.

Even though Burna Boy celebrated his Grammy win, we guess he would celebrate the more now that he has received his plaque to show to his parents that their wish to see him win a Grammy has finally been fulfilled.

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