Popular writer and activist, Reno Omokri, warns the general public of the dangers associated with the consumption of red meat.
Reno in an Instagram post emphasized that eating red meat is indeed a slow poison, one that has severe health complications.

Backing his claim, the self-acclaimed Buhari tormentor quoted a passage from the bible where it stated that in part that, 'God did not create red meat to be eaten.'

"Eating red meat is not enjoyable. It is a slow poison. It is perhaps the number one killer of men. God did not create red meat to be eaten-Genesis 1:29. It was only after The Flood destroyed all vegetation that God permitted Noah and his family to eat red meat because there was hardly anything left on Earth to eat-Genesis 9:3. You will notice that the only thing Christ ate after his resurrection was fish-John 21:12-14. Avoid red meat and live! Not only will you live, you will also thrive!" Reno Omokri wrote.

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